Vendors, suppliers, distributors and resellers are external entities critical to your success.

Why not make them your partners?

Xoxoday for channel partners helps you build a happy partner network by unifying engagement, recognition and digital rewards.

Building Blocks for Happy Networks


Goal Setting:

Align your channel partners with the larger objective, set goals and measures for success.


Set and manage your channel partner’s appraisal process from one dashboard.

Channel Partner Onboarding:

Gamify your channel partner onboarding. Share the step by step process, details of documents to upload, learning material and videos. Be creative with your rewards to motivate them to 100% completion.


Campaigns - Gamification:

Build campaigns and create a strong and healthy competition in your channel partners.

Channel Partner referral:

Incentivise your partners to refer and reduce your cost of acquisition.


Engage your channel partners with fun quizzes about the company / product.


Pulse Surveys:

Automate pulse surveys to track key drivers and levels of engagement.


Make feedback a fun and a 2 way conversation and gain valuable insights.

Document Repository:

Central repository of all important documents your channel partners will need.


Point Based Rewards:

Gamify the rewarding process and link it to performance. This motivates partners in the right way.

Budgeting and Nomination:

Allocate budgets based on categories, regions or campaigns. Easily setup nomination workflows to include key stakeholders.

Reward Automation:

Don’t forget your channel partner’s birthday and anniversaries. Build a great relationship by offering exclusive redemption options at our stores.

Key Areas of Impact

Brand Image
Improved Sales
Channel NPS

Operations Manager, Swiggy

Before Xoxoday, our engagement program was dispersed and regional. They helped us unify our engagement program. Their exceptional technology support is one of their greatest advantages. Xoxoday has made our implementation much more streamlined and defined. We have statistically observed that the delivery executives who are engaged through Xoxoday have significantly better shift completion, attendance and delivery time.