HR can structure the nomination workflow right from their admin dashboard to enable employees to nominate others for rewards. The admins can define up to 3 levels of approvals for a reward nomination process - to handle higher denomination rewards.


This feature facilitates 360-degree rewards and recognition where anyone - a superior, a subordinate or a peer- can reward or recognise an individual’s achievements. A nomination is created and sent for approval depending on the nomination workflow and once approved, the nominated employee receives the reward. This helps in inculcating a culture of appreciation and ensuring that a well-deserved pat-on-the-back is not missed out.


Depending on the nomination workflow, the approval process activates once the nomination request is sent. This is important to handle and control rewards of higher value and significance. The approval process also prevents the rewarding process to be affected by biases and misrepresentations.


Once the approval of the nomination is completed, the employee receives the award. This feature allows an organisation to drive on-going performance and reassures that no achievement - big or small - is left unrecognised.