Building Blocks For Happy Employees

Shift the focus to outcomes

Objective and Key Results (OKR) align the work of managers and employees to ensure everyone’s efforts are towards the organisation’s goal. It creates focus and transparency while helping teams prioritise on tasks that have the biggest business impact. Simply put, OKRs help to communicate and execute in a way everyone understands.

People-first Employee Engagement

Leaders need to follow key trends and patterns in the company and have employee and manager insights at their fingertips. The empowerment module helps you open up a dialogue with employees and equips managers to become great leaders. It is a known fact that employees are directly influenced by the leadership they experience i.e. their managers. Have you equipped your managers with the right tools to improve leadership and trust in the workplace?

Meaningful value-based recognition

Motivation, when tied to the organisation's values, mission and vision, encourages your employees to recognise each other and live out those ideals on a daily basis. A top-down or peer to peer employee recognition style can be implemented to drive a high-performance Employees. Our enterprise level rewards and recognition features are geared to automate rewards and amplify your work culture. Integration to your HR tech stack is simple and the visual reports provide all the key insights.

Key Areas of Impact


Employee Retention

Employee Productivity

Employee NPS

HR Head, Infosys

The Xoxoday portal comes with a simple UI which is appropriate to Infy needs. The reward options are quite comprehensive. This significantly enhances our employee experience. Moreover, the analytics report from portal helps us keep a tab on our employee's involvement level in the initiatives. Wish the Xoxoday team all the luck in future endeavours.