This feature allows organisations to reinforce organisational citizenship behaviours that are unique to each organisation’s core values and culture. These desired behaviours and actions can be created into badges that can be freely used by employees for awarding others.


The team members award these badges to highlight an instance of positive behaviour. A shared feed is sent out to all of the organisation that describes and appreciates the behaviour. This helps in taking small, consistent and transparent steps towards aligning employee behaviours towards achieving the organisational vision.


Day to day value-creating activities can be nurtured using these badges. The team chatter around these small successes and will sum up to creating big results. The enthusiasm to appreciate great work, in itself, has long-binding effect in building a high performing company culture.


These badges function as a zero cost method to drive performance orientation and the feeds ensure that the entire organisation hears about what an employee has done right. These reinforcements, help build employee confidence and guidelines for recognition-worthy behaviours.