Reward and recognition budgets can be allocated across departments and teams. This process of allocation can also be automated so as to continuously reinforce a culture of recognition in the company. This feature allows HR managers to define these budgets as per the size and the requirements of the teams.


This feature lets company leadership and HR management empower the managers and team leaders. The managers and team leads are allocated budgets that can be well-spent on rewarding, recognising and motivating the employees. This generates better momentum for employee engagement initiatives - instead of being centrally driven, each manager will now drive engagement in their respective teams.


The most effective employee recognition happen when it is done instantly for the right achievement. This feature drastically improves aspects of fairness and transparency. Each team member has a fair and an instant chance to be rewarded and this motivates employees to bring their best to work - daily.


Reports and analytics of the budgeting process help provide insights into team engagement and campaign effectiveness. The real-time reports on budget utilisation can also help compare the engagement metrics between teams and evaluate it for the entire organisation.